High Horses

“Oh dear” She said. “How will we ever get down from here?”  

I assume that she must be referring to the high horses we’ve been on lately. That holier than thou bullshit that inundates and finds its way into every damn nook and cranny of existence. Like I really thought we got away from all that mess with this whole ‘spiritual revolution’. Turns out that it doesn’t matter what the belief is, once it’s institutionalized, it stagnates and tries to suffocate you.  

Like concrete shoes is the dogma that people so lovingly carry around like trophies these days. Woo woo this, and woo woo that. Love and light for all and justice for none they seem to be saying. Believe what I believe or you are doomed for an eternity of hell. Can’t anyone else see what the matter is with all of it?  

I’m not sure what it is that you mean by God, but the God I know is not the one you’ve been talking about. Jesus is my homie too by the way. He just laughed when you said that thing you said about him. It’s just not even true. Like not even fucking close. So how will we ever get down from here? That’s a very good question. The good news is if you ask the right questions, you can finally get the right answers.

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