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What is the Sacred Erotic?

What is the Sacred Erotic?

† The Sacred Erotic is simply the erotic. But since too many only allow eroticism within the context of sex, I make the distinction of saying ‘the sacred erotic’. The Sacred Erotic is the essence of human life. It is the power innate in the physical form. It originates from the root, from the blood of the earth, from deep in the loins. It swirls inside the belly arousing the senses. It rises and roars into the throat, and if you allow it, it spills out of the mouths as “the word”.

The word that began all of creation. The word that arranges molecules into form. But without this sacred erotic power, the word sputters, ineffective. Desire and the erotic are sacred gifts. I am here to remind you of what this means and how to use it. That is what The Rosetriune is all about. Reclaim the scared power you have been manipulated into forgetting...†

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